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Razor Shells

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The Razors Shells get their name from the shell shape, very similar to old razors. Their meat has a mild flavor, which allows them to be consumed alone, in salads or with other dressings.

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Flavor of the Sea in every bite! Discover the Razor Shells; Soft and versatile meat, perfect alone, in salads or with your favorite dressings.

Nutritional information

Porción: 1 lata drenada (50g)
Porciones por envase: 1
Energía (Kcal): 25
Proteína (g): 5,2
Grasa Total (g): 0,3
H. de C (disp) (g): 0,6
Azúcares Totales (g): 0
Sodio (mg): 162


Water, Razor Shells, salt, monosodium glutamate, sodium tripolyphosphate, citric acid, calcium disodium EDTA and sodium metabisulfite. Contains mollusks and sulfites.

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